There are times when words bypass the mind's filters and straight up touch the soul. That is where your words landed. Today's my first day on Medium. I just wrote my first story about spirituality. Your story is the second story I read. Curious that in your words I found my coordinates for where I am at in my journey - moving from self help into self awareness and saw the path ahead. Thank you!

The ultimate answer to the Universe, the question of life and everything else

Whether you’ve been consciously seeking to spiritually progress for a few days or a few decades, if you live in the age of the internet and have used google to help you along your journey, then you’ve come across the term: “raising your vibration”.

Raising your vibration has become such…

Your writing beautifully conveys our built in urge to leave that which is familiar and comfortable to explore and live our adventure. I can really connect :) Interestingly enough, I think we feel most called to venture into the world after we've stayed long enough in places that fulfill and nourish us. I wish you find novelty, depth and aliveness in this leg of your journey!

Lulwa Saffarini

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